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Dr. Reza Daroodi

Here are a few things that our patients have to say about us....

  • "he poor condition of my neck requires regular chiropractic adjustments to keep pain to a minimum. When Dr. Daroodi moved his office, I went to a Chiropractor closer to home that was recommended by family member. The doctor was pleasant, but I was disappointed with the quality of care I received so I returned to Dr. Daroodi. My family heard me repeatedly refer to him as "My HERO" and decided to try him for themselves. Now the whole family calls him "Dr. Hero" or "The Wizard of AH's"."
    DJ. T.
  • "I have had job related back problems for many years. During one very painful episode a friend finally convinced me to see Dr. Daroodi. I never believed in Chiropractic but was in so much pain I was willing to try anything. Dr. Daroodi worked with my back and I was up and moving within a few days. I see Dr. Daroodi on a weekly basis to keep my back happy and in alignment. He has also provided me with exercises to keep the muscles strong. Dr. Daroodi is extremely knowledgeable in the field of Chiropractic and explains his treatments in easy to understand terms. He is very professional, kind and is always readily available. I highly-highly recommend him!"
    Peggy L.

    My husband and I both have had a variety of back problems for several years. The chiropractors we saw had helped, some, but the relief was limited and temporary. Last year we started seeing Dr. Daroodi at our daughter's suggestion. Within four sessions our conditions were diagnosed and treated with such positive results that we are virtually pain free. With only occasional follow up visits to keep us 'in shape', we feel that Dr. Daroodi has literally kept us on our feet."
    Eve & Dwight W.
  • "I injured my neck and my shoulder moving a patient during my daily work as a unit support person. I started seeing Dr. Daroodi soon after my injuries, but when he moved his practice, I looked for a Chiropractor closer to my home. The new doctor was pleasant, but I was not pleased with the results after each session. So I returned to Dr. Daroodi whom I am very pleased with. I have recommended him to my family and close friends. They also have been pleased with their results. I will continue to recommend Dr. Daroodi and will continue to see him until I am a hundred percent again."
    Sara T.

    Dr. Daroodi has helped me so much that I consider myself his lifetime patient. With an internal disorder that causes back, hip, and leg pain, the treatments Dr. Daroodi has given me have helped me to reduce the dosage of pain relievers and at times eliminate them. Sleeping more soundly, having less pain, and being more active are a few of the benefits I have received from Dr. Daroodi's chiropractic services. He is a truly caring doctor who always greets me with a cheerful smile. I feel 200% better after every treatment."
    Darlene K.
  • "I discovered Chiropractic as a last resort. If I had known, I would have been spared a lot of pain. In my late teens, I routinely had migranes, as well as neck and upper back tension. Nothing helped. I thought living with pain was normal. It is not. During a severe migraine, a friend suggested that she take me to see her Chiropractor. I am so glad I took her advise. Within ten minutes after my adjustment, my migraine had vanished. I have not experienced another since. My neck and upper back took a few treatments to relieve the pain. Presently, I have treatments as a way of maintenance, keeping my body in top form. I have discovered that Chiropractors, like any other type of doctor, vary in their skill and knowledge. Dr. Daroodi is one of the finest. His commitment and dedication to his patients is extraordinary. He takes the time and patience to really understand ones concerns. I am truly blessed to have him as my doctor."
    Heidi N.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "The best Chiropractic office I have ever been to. Great Doctor and Staff."
    Kaum R. San Jose, CA
  • "Dr. Daroodi is the best! I would never go to another chiropractor."
    Blanca Castaneda Mendoza
  • "Dr. Daroodi is the best! I would never go to another chiropractor. I have the utmost confidence in his expertise. I am so glad I found him!
    Barbara Rail"
    Barbara Rail

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